Let’s talk about the scales. There’s a whole debate going on at the moment… don’t use them, do use them! For me I think they’re a great tool to use – if your goal is to track fat loss or building muscle. They’re great to measure if you’re going in the right direction or whether you need to change things, like increasing/decreasing your food intake, or other aspects of your training.


There are 2 sides to this story though. I want to go over how the scales should be just 1 factor to look at rather than the only factor. I’ve had clients go up in weight or their weight hasn’t moved but inches have dropped, strength has increased, they feel better etc. This is because of muscle. If you’re gaining muscle while dropping fat, which can be done, then this might potentially happen.


It’s also important not to get obsessed and jump on the scales every day, hoping to see the numbers move in the right direction.  There are so many reasons why your weight can fluctuate on a day to day basis. This makes weighing yourself every day a complete waste of time for most people. You’re only going to get demoralised if you’ve worked hard in the gym all week and stuck to your diet plan, only to see the numbers have moved in the wrong direction.  Try weighing yourself on a weekly, or even fortnightly basis, to get a clearer indication of your progress.


To summarise – scales should be used, but along with a few other factors:


🔴 Is your strength increasing?


🔴 Are inches dropping on the tape measure?


🔴 Do you feel better and have more energy?


🔴 Are you sleeping better?


🔴 Do your clothes fit better?


If you tick a few of these as well, then don’t stress.  Keep doing what you’re doing, and continue the process to a stronger body with less fat and better health.


I hope you’ll all find this useful



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