It’s fair to say that my journey to the best shape of my life isn’t over yet. However, I am so proud and shocked at how far I have been able to come in only a few short months with Ben’s help. I have transitioned from a young woman who hated sport in school and was never a fan of physical activity; who accepted that little bit of extra weight. To someone who does squats in her bedroom at 10pm and goes jogging just because she can.

I went into the process not expecting to see¬†many results as I hadn’t before, and had never tried to push myself physically. However, with Ben’s help I have been amazed, and love to push myself now. I am happier within myself which was one of my major goals, and not only does Ben make working out enjoyable, his ability to tailor your work out always makes it new and interesting rather than boring and monotonous. He mixes fun work outs with nutritional help. However, what I have found that sets it apart is his easy going attitude and ability to cater and understand the way that each individual needs to be pushed. I never dread a work out no matter how hard, and have since felt able to attend exercise classes I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. His catering to the well being of his clients goes above and beyond, making sure that you know your internal and mental health is just as important; and can have a detrimental effect on your physical health. Plus he puts up with your complaining but never relents, and listens to your bitching about life along with some useful funny life advice; that makes you feel like mates after your first work out! So thanks Ben and hopefully my process only gets better!



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