I view fitness as something which enables you to enjoy every aspect of your life to a higher level.  This means that your life DOES NOT need to revolve around your fitness, to the point where it becomes an obsession.

With this in mind, I take a realistic approach to your training and nutrition.  Unless you're a competitive athlete, there's no need to be eating six meals a day, waking at the crack of dawn for gruelling cardio workouts before breakfast, and isolating yourself from family and friends by avoiding social gatherings.

This is real life, real fitness for real people.  I take a flexible approach to improve your overall health and fitness, which has been proven to be the most successful way of achieving long term, sustainable results.

Remember, we're all different and there is no one size fits all approach.  If you're looking for a trainer and coach who commits himself to getting his clients results whilst teaching them how to transform their lives then get in contact to become part of my team!



To deliver the very best training, preparation is key. Our initial consultation allows me to understand your desired goals, and current physical condition. Based on this information, I can tailor your workout programme to exactly what you'd like to achieve. Our consultation also allows us to get to know each other. A healthy working relationship between client and trainer is essential!



Clear, precise instructions, especially when performing an exercise for the first time, are vital. I teach all of my clients the reasons for performing each exercise, explaining the benefits and how to get the most out of each movement. I believe the more you understand the benefits of exercise, the more likely you are to continue long term physical activity.



This is going to be a challenge, but you already knew that. When the going gets tough, I'm there to encourage and remind you how far you've come. That doesn't mean I'm going to be barking orders at you like a drill sergeant! Everyone needs a push and a helping hand at times. It will all be worth it when you reach your goal.



Whether your goal is to become faster, fitter, stronger, leaner, more flexible, less injury prone or improve a current condition, I strive to help you improve on what you've already achieved.

I do this by carefully programming and selecting your exercises based on your goals, and helping you work on your technique until you're able to execute them flawlessly, making each exercise as safe and effective as possible.

Variety is an essential part of training. One particular workout may contain as many as 10 different training methods. Throughout my experience, I have developed a style using the most effective training methods which will keep you motivated as well as achieving results.



Eating habits can be one of the hardest aspects of our lives to change.

Nowadays, with our busy lifestyles and the ever growing abundance of convenience foods, a successful nutritional transformation is challenging for us to achieve.

Through experience, I've learnt that adopting a completely new diet is extremely difficult.  The change is too drastic from our current diet, and leads to us going back to our old habits all too quickly.

Just think about how many "New Years Resolutions" we've all tried, only to slip back into our old routine by February!

I prefer to encourage small but significant improvements to nutrition.  This approach is more sustainable, and helps us to achieve our goals over a long term period.


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