It’s a common misconception that by lifting weights, women will somehow bulk up and look masculine.  The myth that weight training will make you bulky and look manly is exactly that – a MYTH!

Take a look in any gym or fitness centre and you’ll typically see a divide. The weight room occupied primarily by men, with women more likely to be using the cardio equipment.  I understand the prospect of training with weights can seem scary at first, but you owe it to yourself to make sure you have the most effective workout each time you come to the gym

So here are my Top 6 Reasons why you should be Weight Training;

1- It will make you STRONG

2- You will get ‘TONED’

3- The above two will make you CONFIDENT

4- The challenge required to Weight Train will make you STRONG MINDED

5- Over time you’ll lose fat, gain muscle, and your body will become FIRMER

6- Combine all the above and I can guarantee you will feel EMPOWERED

I’m a firm advocate in weight training with myself and my clients, both male and female… However mastering movements and learning how to actually work the muscle is something only a few actually know how to do.

I’ve seen it first hand with members of the gym hopping on to a machine that’s available, going through the movement without any real control and intention. I see a lot of people using machines that are set up incorrectly for them and choosing weights that barely challenge them.

The saying ‘If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you’ is very much true.

Following generic workout plans won’t always produce the result you want, everything should be bespoke and suited to your goals, and your current ability level.

Do you like the sound of the above 6 things that Weight Training will do for you, but unsure what to do or how to do it? Get in touch today for some free advice, or to book a session where we can go over the basics.



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