1 to 1 personal training

Looking to lose fat and build lean toned muscle?

Improve your lifestyle, and feel fitter, more confident and younger?

Work 1 to 1 with a coach who’s 100% committed to you and your goal?

Then please find details of my coaching packages below, working with me either in our private, members only gym, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home

Gym-based personal training

For Gym-based PT sessions, I operate from Energie Fitness Tynemouth, a private members only facility located about 15 minutes outside of Newcastle, near the coast.

The gym offers state of the art equipment and facilities, coupled with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I’ve coached from this gym for over 3 years as it’s clean, welcoming and offers us a great environment to train in.

I offer one to one and duo sessions. Session length is typically 45 minutes, however other lengths are available upon request.

As an added benefit of training with me, you’ll be entitled to a significant discount on your gym membership, allowing you full access to the gym outside of our sessions 

Gym based PT packages from £30 p/w

At-Home Personal Training

There are many reasons you may find the prospect of going to the gym unappealing

• The time it takes to travel there
• Cost of travel to and from the gym
• The gym can seem an intimidating environment from the outside.
• Lack of childcare / family commitments
• Prefer to work out in privacy

If any of these reasons are holding you back from your fitness goals, why not consider my At Home Personal Training?   Let me bring the gym to you!

I have a full range of professional standard fitness equipment to allow you to exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home or garden.

You’ll receive exactly the same high level of service from me as you would in the gym, only this way you’ve got the gym all to yourself!

At Home PT Packages from £35 per week

Enjoy your training

Whether your goal is to become faster, fitter, stronger, leaner, more flexible, less injury prone or just to feel happier, I strive to help you improve on what you’ve already achieved.

I do this by carefully programming and selecting your exercises based on your goals, and helping you work on your technique until you’re able to execute them flawlessly, making each exercise as safe and effective as possible.

But correcting your form and perfecting your technique is only half the battle. Enjoyment is an essential part of training. The more you enjoy your workouts, the more you stay motivated, stay on track and reach your goals!

Through experience training myself and hundreds of clients, I have developed a style using the most effective training methods which will keep you motivated and enjoying the process, as well as achieving results.

See some of my clients results

Love your food

Eating habits can be one of the hardest aspects of our lives to change.

Nowadays, with our busy lifestyles and the ever growing abundance of convenience foods, a successful nutritional transformation is challenging for us to achieve.

Through experience, I’ve learnt that adopting a completely new diet is extremely difficult. The change is too drastic from our current diet, and leads to us going back to our old habits all too quickly.

Just think about how many “New Years Resolutions” we’ve all tried, only to slip back into our old routine by February!

I prefer to encourage small but significant improvements to nutrition. This approach is more sustainable, and helps us to achieve our goals over a long term period.

Restriction is very rarely the answer, which is why i’ll NEVER tell you not to eat a certain food. Instead, I’ll work with you to find a balance that still allows you to enjoy your favourite treats, while progressing towards your goals. 

Help with your nutrition is included for every 1 to 1 client as part of any booking. No additional charges ever!

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